Buying a Property

Buying a property is by far the single largest financial decision that you will make. It is a decision that requires careful consideration, research and advice from many different people – your solicitor, your accountant, your bank or financial institution, real estate agent, property inspection specialist to friends and family. It is essential that you can trust your advisors and can access them at any time to ensure that they provide you with quality advice when you need it.

Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors will provide you with quality service for your conveyance at a competitive fixed price and offers same day reply to any need.

Our conveyancing team will work with you to secure your property by turning your contract around as fast as possible, provide you with practical suggestions and can assist you in implementing various strategies to help you secure your property, even before auction!

Timing is crucial. You need to ensure that you secure your property and that the property settles on the correct day. We will assist you to ensure settlement goes smoothly, as you will have removalists, cleaners, banks and insurance all booked in and ready to go.


There are essentially 5 steps in purchasing a property:

  • Property Search
  • Contracts Exchange
  • Post Exchange
  • Settlement
  • Post Settlement

For more information, please contact our experienced property lawyers.

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Please click here for a copy of our brochure which will provide you with a step by step analysis of typically what everyone does during a sale. It is important that each step is carried out by you to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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