Tender Support

As experienced IT lawyers we can review and assist your business in submitting a tender proposal when replying to a tender request.

Part of our advice is to assist you to understand what your obligations are under the tender proposal and we can provide you with advice as to the contract you are entering into if you are the successful tenderer. It is important when we provide you with our IT advice on the contract document, that we also suggest changes and amendments to the contract which will make the document fairer and more equitable for your business.

These changes to the contract cannot be performed or suggested until the successful tenderer has been chosen. We suggest that you get an experienced IT lawyer to oversee and review the tender bundle, to put you in the best possible position. We have experience in reviewing private sector and government tenders which incorporate the GITC.

How does an IT and IP Lawyer help you?

Our IP & IT lawyers can assist you witha range of legal matters including reviewing and advising on Tender applications as well as the following IT/IP related areas:

Tender applications are difficult and time consuming as well as being extremely complex and detailed. If you need assistance, contact Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors today on 02 9922 1100.

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