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Why Choose Us?

David Newhouse

David has more than 17 years of experience as a lawyer. He practiced at the bar for 4 years in Wentworth/Selbourne Chambers before returning as a solicitor. He also holds Masters of Law. David’s strengths are his business approach to solutions and developing low cost strategy options for his clients. David strives to put you in the very best position that he can by reducing your risks and giving you clarity around your situation. David understands complexities of the legal system and will explain it to you in a manner that you will understand.

David is an accredited specialist in business law, and one of only 2 lawyers in Sydney who are accredited in the sub-specialty of franchising law.  David is a public notary and also is a regular guest lecturer at Macquarie University, sits on various Council sustainability committees in the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs and has a passion for family life and marathon running.

Nick Birbas

Nick was admitted to practice as a solicitor in 1998. Since then Nick has gained in-depth experience in various commercial legal roles. Nick’s approach is simple as he understands the realities and complexities of the commercial world whilst balancing the client’s individual needs and circumstances to the problems and disputes they encounter. Nick uses plain English to communicate with clients either when speaking to them or whether communicating via email or letter. Nick’s business acumen gives you greater clarity to your legal problems or exposure and liability. In addition Nick prefers to work with fixed fee agreements prior to commencing your work, so you know what you are up for at the outset and there are no surprises. Nick can bring to your business a solution to resolve complex legal problems or can simply advise on creating safeguards to best protect you and your business.  Nick is an accredited specialist in business law by the Law Society of New South Wales.

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